-Lead Pastor-

Ryan & Amy Visconti

Ryan serves as our lead pastor. He is responsible to establish the vision, culture, and direction of Generation Church. He has a unique way of communicating God's Word and leads with passion. He's committed to reaching as many people for Jesus as possible! Ryan became the lead pastor of Generation Church in January 2014, and we have seen rapid growth since that time, being named as one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Churches in the USA by Outreach Magazine in 2016. Amy has been a kids pastor for 12 years and serves as the Director of Kids Ministry for the Arizona Ministry Network. She graduated from Southwestern Assemblies of God University with a BA in Children's Ministry.

Ryan graduated from Arizona State, and began his professional career in the US Army. He was called into ministry and graduated from Liberty University with a MA in Theology. Pastors Ryan & Amy are passionate to see people experience new life in Jesus! He regularly speaks at 9:30 + 11:00 am, and 6pm.

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